Coin cell batteries are a type of a battery commonly used in smaller electronic devices. The most widely used coin cell battery is the CR series. There are many types of CR batteries with the most popular ones being the CR2016, CR2430, CR2450 and CR2032. However, sometimes you might only have access to a particular version of the battery (the CR2032 being the most commonly sold).

This article shall take a closer look if the CR2032 battery is interchangeable with CR2016, CR2430, and CR2450 batteries. 

Brief look at CR2032, CR2016, CR2430 and CR2450 batteries

Before we delve into whether the different versions of the battery are interchangeable, let’s first learn a bit about this particular type of battery. 

Batteries come in a variety of shapes, sizes, voltages, capacities, and chemical compositions. Below is a list of the most frequently used shapes for batteries:

  • Coin cell
  • AA 
  • AAA
  • C
  • D
  • 9V (rectangular)
  • Flat pack
  • Car battery

CR batteries fall under the coin cell category due to their resemblance of a coin. CR batteries are typically non-rechargeable (however, they do have rechargeable versions). Their chemical composition consists of Lithium and a voltage of 3 volts. The CR series of batteries aren’t manufactured by a singular company, but by a range of companies which include Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, Philips, Maxell, Murata and Renata.

While CR batteries all tend to have the same voltage of 3 volts and chemical composition, they differ in size. Their naming convention is the easiest way to distinguish the different sizes of CR batteries. The first letter (C), tells us the chemical composition of the battery, which is Lithium in this instance, and the next letter (R), indicates the shape of the battery, which is Round.  

The next four numbers give us information about the height and diameter. Let’s take a look at the CR2032 to see how to figure out the height and diameter. The first pair of numbers (20), is the battery’s diameter (in mm). So the CR2032 has a diameter of 20 mm. The next pair of numbers (32), is the battery’s height (again in mm). But, this value has to first be divided by 10. So, the CR2032’s height would be 3.2 mm (32/10).

Important characteristics of batteries to check if they are interchangeable

We just learnt that there is a wide variety of batteries available. Unfortunately, not all batteries are interchangeable. Checking to see if you can use one battery instead of another comes down to some important characteristics. 

These characteristics include;

  • Voltage,
  • Size and
  • Shape

Can you use a CR2032 instead of a CR2016?

Yes, the CR2032 can replace two CR2016 batteries. If we look at the two batteries, we can see that both of them have the same diameter (20mm). However, if we compare the height you can see that the CR2016’s height (1.6mm) is half that of the CR2032’s (3.2mm). So, one CR2032 will be able to replace two CR2016 batteries. 

However, if only one CR2016 battery is being used, the CR2032 won’t be able to replace it. 

Can you use a CR2032 instead of a CR2430?

No, a CR2032 cannot be used instead of a CR2430 due to the fact that the batteries have different physical dimensions. The CR2450 has a larger diameter (4mm larger), and is smaller in height compared to the CR2032. So, the CR2032 and CR2430 are not interchangeable. 

Can you use a CR2032 instead of a CR2450? 00

No, the CR2032 cannot be used instead of a CR2450. Again, these two batteries do not match when it comes to physical dimension. The CR2450 is larger battery (in diameter and height) compared to the CR2032, so they are not interchangeable. 

What CR battery can a CR2032 replace?

So, out of the CR2016, CR2430, and CR2450, the CR2032 can only be used instead of the CR2016 (that is if two of them need replacing). Are they any other batteries that the CR2032 batteries can replace? As we know now this comes down to the physical dimension of the battery. So what other CR batteries are there? 

The table below shows the different CR batteries available 

CR BatteryDiameter (mm) x Height (mm)
CR102510mm x 2.5mm
CR121612mm x 1.6mm
CR122012mm x 2mm
CR161616mm x 1.6mm
CR162016mm x 2mm
CR163216mm x 3.2mm
CR201220mm x 1.2mm
CR201620mm x 1.6mm
CR202520mm x 2.5mm
CR203220mm x 3.2mm
CR232023mm x 2mm
CR245024mm x 5mm

Out of the batteries in the list above, the CR2012, CR2016, and CR2025 have the same diameter as the CR2032. However, they all differ in heights. We learnt earlier that the CR2032 can replace two CR2016 batteries. 
The other battery that is almost but not quite the same size that the CR2032 could potentially replace is the CR2025. The difference in height between these two batteries is 0.7mm. You might be able to squeeze the CR2032 into the battery holder meant for the CR2025.

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